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March 7
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Canon EOS 60D
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1/30 second
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50 mm
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Feb 20, 2013, 4:16:37 AM
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Tomas Mascinskas Signature 8 String Guitar by atmp Tomas Mascinskas Signature 8 String Guitar by atmp
Tomas Mascinskas Signature 8 String 30 Inch Scale Guitar

Heres the finished guitar in action:…

Make sure to zoom in on the picture or watch the video in 1080p to see the details of it

this was a project that i decided to take on to see if i can build a complete guitar from scratch (besides shaping the actual metal pieces like the bridge, machine heads, strings, pickups)

The average time it took to complete was around 6 months, the reason was because i had to kept on pausing to save up for new parts, if i had it all in one go with all parts it wouldve taken me around 3 weeks

the design was inspired by
ESP Forest GT body
headstop by Spear Gladius SP
wood layering by ESP LTD F-5e 5
Final Fantasy Kanji on the fretboard carving (unfilled carving)

so to sum it up:
selected woods, wedge and ash
laminated them
glued them together
shaped the body and neck and glued it together
routed tross rods (2 of them)
stock on laminated fretboard
cut fret slots
shaped the rest of the guitar
routed pickup, bridge, electronic, pots, input jack, machine head holes
lots of sanding from 60 grit to 2k
fine sanding and polishing
fret seating, glueing and leveling
electronic seating
string neck and action adjustment
electronic wiring and soldering

thats the sum of it i guess, im sure i missed more, but i am planning to one day compile all the photos and videos i captured to create this guitar as i wanted to document everything (around 2k photos and 50vids, totaling around 30gb)

to me this guitar was supposed to have the best parts possible (in my opinion) so its the most expensive guitar ill probably will ever have built, heres the spendatures:

Total: 1,038.46

170 ash and wedge
29.61 3 x polyurethane glue for glueing laminate wood pieces
2 paint brushes for glue
21.00 template blueprints print outs
5.98 silicone for truss rod
22.92 2 x 20 inch tross rods
17.18 2 x metal locking nuts (ended up using something new)
6.99 dark oak wood treatment for fixing some of body
314.72 Kahler 2318 8 bridge and metal locking nut
163.87 DiMarzio D Activator 8 Bridge and Neck Pickups
7.37 Bourns Dual 500K Blend/Balance Audio Taper Pot
8.70 2 x Wide Jumbo Fret Wire
9.39 D'addario EXL140-8 8String Light Top/Heavy Bottom Electric Guitar Strings 10-74
64.36 8 Sperzel locking tuners (ended up wasting money on 2 extra tuners as i snapped the end of the machine head by drilling it to fit the 105 gauge string)
46.92 push pull pot a500k
            Control knob
            two of a500 Volume & Tone Dual control pots
            two chrome flat top Dual Volume or Tone Guitar Control Knob
            two 2 way ON/ON DPDT
            guitar Jack input socket mono
            Input Jack Socket Plate M2
            guitar strap end pins buttons
3.38 capacitor
37.96 "3 x Nitrocellulose Lacquer Aerosol - Clear GLOSS - 400ml
5.00 superglue loctite 10g for frets
30.00 sandpaper all grits
2.00 oil
2.00 10 meter speaker cable, one black white one white, for wiring
4.00 copper shielding tape
1.00 foam raisers for pickups
7.23 0.009 plain steel string pack 10 (needed a thinner gauge that reaches my scale length)
28.17 3 x D'addario EXL140-8 8String Light Top/Heavy Bottom Electric Guitar Strings 10-74
(dont remember why i brought this set)
4.09 Mini Toggle Switch DPDT on-on
5.24 Rotary Switch 6 pole 3 positions
8.89 Chrome 4 Right Hand Sealed BASS TUNERS Machine Heads (needed this to replace the thickest strings machine head as i want even thicker for extra tight tension)

I do want to build another guitar this year, maybe a 7 or a 9 string, multi scale (maybe 24-30 or longer), but this time, as cheap yet to the best sound and quality as possible)
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That looks incredible!! I like how you made this into a collage of a guitar. I love the design and the style of this guitar that you have. It makes it look like it's been made personally for you. But I think that if it was jet black with some awesome red designs on it, it would be so wicked awesome that people would be dying to have that guitar. But that is my opinion that you don't have to do. You did an awesome and outstanding job with this and I hope you post more of this stuff soon.
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I like how you show your guitar in different views. The first thing that I saw was that there were 8 strings instead of 5/6. The background in some of the photos is really great like the blanket of the city. I like how you show the wiring in the guitar and were it's located like the back of the guitar. After all I think you did a great job on your guitar, and as I saw in the comment that it was hard. So I think you did a great job on the guitar even when it was hard good job :D
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The Artist thought this was FAIR
4 out of 5 deviants thought this was fair.

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Dan2D3D Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2014  Professional General Artist

WOW! Very nice Tomas I wish I could try it! My father build guitars and violins and I play guitar.

Well done it's very beautiful
that's it I'm adding you to my watch. Dan ;)

J-Mobius Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2014
gorgeous axe!
Anthorw Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2014
A wood Back panel too, Nice!
Good werk Mien!
hopingpoetry Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
solo nice omgggggg how long was the build time
atmp Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
around 6 months, but without breaks around 2 weeks
sneakaboo2u Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014  Professional General Artist
TY once again 4 your fave!!
A-WingMaster Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome design and gear! Respect
thredd Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2014  Student General Artist
this is beautiful i love the neck how it flows into the body - perfect shaping. all of it. 
i do not know if you are into fx - 
this is a very trusted source for pedals -
albeit expensive-
however if you sort throughout all of them-
there is a few DIY packages- 

there is also a mini amp that blasts. it would just need a speaker and cab to hold speaker.

they are incredible and the original ones are all hand painted - for the original artists.
the probe pedals are out of this world.
there are many videos online showing all kinds of musicians demonstrating these pedals
and the guy who made them is rally nice.

anyhow love this guitar it's beautiful enjoy it!
and have fun with the next one!
basila1913 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014
TheProtecters Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014  Student Artist
That's an amazing guitar.
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